Love me, Keep me, Pass me down ? Collaboration with Lemuel MC of London

I’ve discovered my sustainability sister Lemuel MC of London! She makes very high quality linen clothes in her London studio and together with my organic-form recycled silver jewellery it’s a perfect match.

Made to last a lifetime and more, the words she holds at the heart of her brand are ‘Love me, Keep me, Pass me down.’ She grew up in Siberia and still has items in her wardrobe from her grandma. It’s this slow sense of fashion we’re both working to promote.

We love how we both moved country to find our creative selves. She now lives and works in London, and I made a similar journey from London to the Czech Republic, where I hand-make all of my one-of-a-kind pieces in my studio in Brno. Changing places has given us the soul space to create, while we both hold in us ideas and sensibilities from the places we grew up.

We decided to crisscross Europe again to collaborate on a shoot. And here is the beautiful result.

“I see a strong woman fighting for her rights, a creative woman using her powers. She has this little bit of suffragette in her,” says Lemuel MC.

And I see a Pre-Raphaelite poet

Like a lily in a flood,—
Like a rock of blue-vein’d stone
Lash’d by tides obstreperously,—
Like a beacon left alone
In a hoary roaring sea,
Sending up a golden fire,—

(Christina Rossetti, ‘Goblin Market’)

Thank you Lemuel MC!

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