Gill Wing Jewellery

182 Upper Street
N1 1RQ
United Kingdom

Gill Wing Jewellery says, “Queen’s Wood Studio draws her inspiration from the landscape, art, poetry and stories, and from the eclectic nature of her materials.

“Soon after I started, I realised I could make jewellery in a sustainable way. The silver could be 100% recycled, the stones vintage and antique rather than new-mined, the processes using kitchen cupboard ingredients instead of toxic chemicals, and the packaging recycled too. I love this way of working with what I can find, designing my jewellery like a collage artist. Every piece I make is truly one of a kind.”


47 King Henry’s Walk
N1 4NH

Turn says, “Hattie Wragg started making bold but wearable jewellery with light-reflecting surfaces in 2014. Living and working in Suffolk, Hattie looks to her local fen landscape for inspiration. Wetland reeds and sedges, squelching paths and pools of water feed into her designs. Hattie makes her jewellery in her home studio using recycled silver.”



Senovážné nám. 2088
110 00 Nové Město
Czech Republic

Come and listen to the sound of rain in the cabin, let yourself be intoxicated by the smell of the forests … Just try something, see yourself in the mirror from all sides.
You can also look forward to Queen’s Wood Studio’s gorgeous silver jewellery.


Veletržní 48
170 00 Prague
Czech Republic
+420 608 449 804

Kuráž says “Modern jewellery inspired by poetry, landscape and the natural flow of silver. Each piece has a unique shape and character. There is always only one.”



Údolní 25
Czech Republic

Object says, “Recycled silver, random shapes and positive vibes by Hattie. An inspiring approach to a responsible and sustainable brand that obtains silver from traceable sources by recycling silver parts. Also, all chemicals used in the jewellery making process are nontoxic and environmentally friendly. And the packaging? Of course, recycled and recyclable. Luxury gets a new dimension.”



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Not Just A Label (NJAL) says, “Queen’s Wood Studio has been selected as a Black Sheep, one of a selection of designers from the NJAL community that we have identified as being especially innovative, pioneering and striking in their work.”